“It is hard to believe that such a small organisation has achieved so much”, said a sponsoring member about FFW in a nutshell. Fondation Franz Weber – established in 1975 by its namesake, the well-known Swiss ecologist – is an organisation for the protection of animals, nature and natural habitats. It has successfully carried out and accomplished an extensive variety of campaigns and projects in Switzerland and many other countries.

At its 50 initiatives at local, cantonal and national level, the FFW has spearheaded – in collaboration with the affiliated association Helvetia Nostra – the beauty of Switzerland since 1973. The most well known example is the national second residence initiative that it won on 11 March 2012.

Whether Surlej, Delphi, Baux de Provence or the Danube Floodplains, FFW repeatedly highlights and demonstrates that nature and its beauty, life, and animals do not belong to a country alone but to all of humankind.

FFW – a foundation working to protect animals and nature. “If all else fails, when all seems futile, if you feel despair over the destruction of nature and the misery of the afflicted and persecuted animals, you can still turn to Fondation Franz Weber.” – Franz Weber

  • A 2,000 square kilometre national park for the protection of the last elephants in Togo, Africa
  • Franz Weber Territory, a 50,000 hectare nature reserve in Northern Australia, to protect the wild horses ‘Brumbies’
  • Sanctuary Equidad to rescue suffering horses forced to transport rubbish in Argentina
  • Ending bullfighting in Catalonia (Spain) and its swift drop in popularity across Southern Europe and South America
  • The campaigns to protect seal cubs in Canada or elephants in Africa

These are all ongoing, successful projects and campaigns run by Fondation Franz Weber. For more information about FFW, click here