The largest and most spectacular aquarium is the ocean. Unparalleled. Inimitable. No aquarium or oceanarium will ever do justice to the ocean. Don’t settle for an imitation. Ask to see more than just a bathtub. Visit the real ocean. In real time. Any time.

Vision NEMO is much more than just a revolutionary adventure park. Vision NEMO brings everything together: The public, research, science, media, conservation of animals, species and the environment – each and every one interlinked in a groundbreaking manner. This is what will turn Vision NEMO into an integrated research center.

Using the most modern means, we will dive into new worlds. The world of the seas, the world of future technology. Vision NEMO supports research, educates, enthralls, protects and benefits. This is how Vision NEMO will do justice to the ocean habitat. More representative than an aquarium or oceanarium could ever be.

The ocean cannot be crammed into a tank. It represents a vast expanse, our blue planet, life. So how can we do justice to the ocean if we cannot travel to it or dive into it? Vision NEMO makes it possible.

The ban on the import of dolphins in Switzerland shows that sympathy for holding large marine animals captive in small tanks or aquariums is waning in this part of the world. The idea of cramming marine animals into tanks and putting them on display is over 200 years old – a completely outdated, ancient concept. Vision NEMO is the modern, forward-looking alternative. Vision NEMO solves a problem that conventional large aquariums exacerbate: the exploitation of the oceans through the trade of animals for aquariums.

A world first, Vision NEMO takes you to the ocean and right into its depths.

Vision NEMO will make Basel, Switzerland the birthplace of an internationally radiating crowd-puller. Pioneering. Visionary. Modern. Sustainable. With cutting-edge 21st Century technology.

Basel has now the chance to invest in the construction of a groundbreaking, truly new, visionary, forward-looking world first. One day, Vision NEMO will spread from Basel to many more locations on our blue planet.

From the richly coloured coral wonders in the tropics to the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic Ocean.

From the deepest oceanic trench to the source of a stream. Vision Nemo will take you there.

Sensory, interactive journeys through animated, moving, 3D worlds of images and sounds.

Fancy a dip in a dazzling colourful world of coral reef?

Care to be surrounded by a school of dolphins? Want to study hunting humpback whales interactively?

Interested in examining the contents of a giant octopus’ stomach?

Like to find new life in the deepest and darkest depths of the ocean? Vision Nemo makes it possible for you.

Vision Nemo is much more than just a revolutionary adventure park though.

Vision Nemo brings together the public, research, science, media, the conservation of animals, species and the environment in a groundbreaking manner. This is what will turn NEMO itself into an integrated centre of research.

Using web cams, we will get to visit research stations in real time. We will be able to watch over the shoulders of marine conservationists and underwater archaeologists and talk to them. We can even, controlling camera robots under water, watch rare marine animals at various locations around the world. And all live.

Vision NEMO’s virtual, integrated, real-time and interactive presentation of the blue planet is now closer to reality than the outdated concept of an oceanarium. In terms of education, conservation of animals, the environment and research; cost-effectiveness and flexibility, Vision NEMO is always one step ahead and sets trends. Computer animation, IMAX and XD technology, interactive and 360-projections, combined with always new achievements make Vision NEMO an unforgettable sensory experience.

Vision NEMO is neither fiction nor real life. But it is real and often in real-time. NEMO makes it possible to experience the beauty of the blue planet for real, like never before. And live! Dive right in!

In collaboration with leading experts Vision NEMO develops new technologies, tests and drives them forward.

Vision NEMO will become a place of the future. Visionary. Pioneering. Always cutting-edge. A few steps ahead of its time. Always worth another visit.

Conservation, research, education and information. These are the four elements that the Vision NEMO concept is built on. They go hand in hand with one another. Accordingly, all findings, new and old, from within and outside of Vision NEMO, will be channelled into public works and education.

Whether children or older generations, laymen or experts: Vision NEMO caters for all of them as a research and communication platform with the latest findings in easy-to-understand language. Because only those who know about the ocean and its threats, will value and protect it.

The ocean has never been as endangered as it is today. Overfishing. Pollution. Plastic waste. Underwater noise. Climate change. Acidification. Maritime traffic. Built-up coastlines. Humankind has taken the oceans to breaking point and beyond.

It is therefore of central importance to Vision NEMO that its proceeds are put towards funding marine sanctuaries. These also constitute research centres. In turn Vision NEMO benefits directly from this as an educational institution.